How to promote your club by not talking about your club

By Rotary International

Volunteers from Capitol Hill Group Ministry assist the homeless.

Volunteers from Capitol Hill Group Ministry assist the homeless. Photo courtesy Capitol Hill Group Ministry

By Quentin Wodon, Rotary Club of Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., USA

Sometimes the best way to gain a little attention for your club is to not talk about your club, but about other worthy groups and volunteers you are working with.

Rotary members are becoming more aware of the need to tell their Rotary story. But here’s the catch. It may be better to use local blogs or magazines in your community rather than your club or district’s own channels. This is because typically, these external sources will have a much larger readership.

But how do you get local blogs or magazine to use your stories?

Once in a while, you may have a great story to tell about your club that the blog or magazine will accept. However, they are not going to want to repeatedly publish stories on so narrow a topic. This is where talking about other organizations comes into play.

As president of my club this year, I have started to write stories about our nonprofit partners, focusing on their work, but also inserting a few lines about our Rotary club in each story.

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