Why you should consider being part of a vocational training team

By Rotary International

By Indumati Gopinathan, Rotary Club of Bombay Chembur West

The vocational training team is one of the most meaningful programs that has emerged from the Foundation’s grant model. Having had opportunities to lead a Group Study Exchange and a vocational training team (VTT), I have witnessed the metamorphosis of this idea and can attest to the great value the later provides.

My participation in two consecutive medical vocational training teams to Uganda in 2013 and 2014 showed me how purpose driven these teams are, what a crisp program they follow, and how they build capacity in one of our six areas of focus. Stringent monitoring and evaluation tools gauge efficiency and assure sustainability.

The vocational training team demonstrates the proper technique for cervical cancer screening.

Using the monitoring and evaluation tools developed by past RI Director Philip Silvers, our program evaluated trainees after every training capsule, and evaluated trainers after every session and again at the program’s end. Those being trained had to provide a blueprint before the end of the program explaining how they are going to improve capacity building in their communities. A committee of Rotary members, healthcare officials, and healthcare workers have a set time frame to follow up with them …read more

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