The key to a successful multi-generational Rotary club

By Rotary International

Emmanuel Rey

Emmanuel Rey addresses his multi-generational club.

By Emmanuel Rey, a member of the Rotary Club of Villa Devoto, Argentina

In 20 years as a member of the Rotary family, I have learned much. I began my Rotary journey as a member of Interact when I was 12, and six years later moved on to Rotaract. After passing the maximum age of 30 for that program, I proudly became a member of my Rotary club two years ago.

At first, I dreamed of building a big and youthful Rotary club, especially as I observed how hard it was for my fellow Interactors and Rotaractors to bridge the generation gap and become members of Rotary. But while I was still a Rotaractor, an old friend of mine gave me a new perspective. He said, “when I’m 30, I’m going to join a Rotary club with older people, to be the link with young people.”

Membership diversity strengthens Rotary clubs.

My friend kept his promise, and his words still ring in my mind. I have come to the conclusion that “youth is not a number, it is a state of mind,” as one of my Rotary mentors, Enrique Blainstein, taught me. A club is …read more

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