Saving mothers and children in Uganda

By Rotary International

Drexel team in Uganda

The author, third from right, during the Drexel team’s visit to Uganda.

By Ronald Smith, past governor of District 7430 (Pennsylvania, USA) and a member of the Rotary Club of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

I began planning a vocational training team with my son Ryan in 2006, when he was still a medical student at Drexel University in Pennsylvania, USA, with an interest in doing a rotation in Africa. My previous experience with Rotary grants, and my friendship with fellow district governor Francis Tusibira “Tusu” of District 9200 (east Africa),” inspired me to form a team.

A mother and her child during one of the team’s health camps in Uganda.

I first met Tusu at the San Diego Zoo while we were both taking part in Rotary’s annual training event for incoming governors. Later, we reconnected at several Rotary conventions, and collaborated on Rotary Foundation grants for medical projects. Later, as Foundation chairs for our districts, we were excited about the idea of bringing medical professionals together to exchange knowledge.

With the help of the Rotary Club of Blue Bell, a detailed plan evolved.

I met with the Rotary Club of Kampala North and faculty at Makerere University in Kampala in January of 2013. Meeting with faculty …read more

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