It’s not “your” project

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Discussing an economic and community development project in Uganda

By Dr. Francis “Tusu” Tusubira, a member of the Rotary Club of Kampala-North, Uganda

How many times do we hear Rotary members say, “we have our project in Kireberebe Kisunkaana?”

Let us get one thing right when dealing with economic and community development. And I will call this lesson one: it is not YOUR project.

It is a community project that you are supporting. Along these lines, I thought sharing a few experiential lessons is not a bad idea.

Lesson two: A community where disease is a challenge will lose so much time being sick that they cannot focus usefully on any other initiative that will help them develop. You cannot address economic and community development if you have not addressed basic health.

Lesson three: A community that does not have clean water, and which does not understand the relationship between “dirty water” and disease will have resultant health challenges: diarrhea, eye diseases, cholera, etc. You might as well have a comprehensive Water, Health, and Sanitation component as part of your project.

Lesson four: We all know that illiteracy can be a major barrier, if not a full block, to any efforts related to development. This really means …read more

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