How to get a free website for your Rotary club

By Rotary International

Mitty Change at the International Assembly

Mitty Chang unveils the free website offer to Rotary Leaders at Rotary’s annual training event in San Diego in January.

By Jermaine Ee, Rotary Club of Los Angeles

Mitty Chang and I, founders of Candeavor, met in the lobby of a budget hotel in Sydney, Australia, while attending the International Rotary Youth Leadership Awards at the 2014 Rotary Convention.

Although we were both from California, we came from very different backgrounds. Mitty is from the technology center of the world, Silicon Valley, while I am from the media & entertainment center of the world, Los Angeles. And while Mitty has over a decade of experience in the Rotary family (he is a member of the Rotary E-Club of Silicon Valley), I was just a newbie.

Project Doing Good’s bold offer

Despite our differences, one thing was clear from the beginning: we were both incredibly passionate about making a difference in the world, and we both love storytelling.

After less than a year of friendship, we joined forces and founded our digital marketing agency, Candeavor, on the belief that good marketing can change the world. Project Doing Good first came about when Mitty and I were sitting in the Four Points LAX hotel bar. …read more

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