A South African’s Youth Exchange to Denmark

By Rotary International

Ronan Morgan and South African flag

Rotary Youth Exchange student Ronan Morgan holds up the South African flag.

By Ronan Morgan

I had just arrived in Denmark after a 13-hour flight from South Africa, tired, but not exhausted. I was excited and ready to face a year of surprises and challenges as a Rotary Youth Exchange student from District 9400. It was not until I moved into my new home where I would spend the first five months of my exchange that it fully hit me – I was not in Johannesburg anymore, or anywhere familiar.

My school class was wonderful and greeted me with open arms and warm enthusiasm. You have to understand I was the first, and most likely only, exchange student they have ever had. Nevertheless, I settled in like a Lego piece, snug in its place. (See what I did there: Lego is from Denmark!)

I had so many wonderful experiences. My first host mother spent considerable time showing me many points of interest in Denmark. I was overwhelmed by how kind everyone was to me and how many different things I was able to do. I had never tried handball before, but joined my local team and made goal keeper. Lots of training and games …read more

Source:: Rotary International Blog

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