6 social media resolutions that can improve your club’s exposure

By Rotary International

By Evan Burrell

Maybe you spent much of last year banging away on social media to gain exposure for your club (because everyone says you should), but you felt like you were getting nowhere fast. It’s still early in the year. Why not take a step back, make an honest assessment of your approach, and determine what you could do better.

Here are six social media resolutions I think you should make this year to elevate your club’s social media exposure.

1. Be consistent – Post regularly and often. You won’t build a solid social media presence by posting every once and a while. If you are using Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or Pinterest, post at least once a week. For Twitter, every one to two days is key.

2. Develop a social media schedule – Manage your time by planning your club social media activity in advance. Since you can schedule your Facebook posts days or weeks ahead of time, take advantage of this ability. You will quickly find managing your club Facebook page will become a lot easier and feel less ad hoc.

3. Mix it up – Look at how you can use new and different social media platforms, or different types of …read more

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