5 reasons to use Rotary Global Rewards in 2018

By Rotary International

By Rotary staff

Who doesn’t enjoy saving money, especially when you can give back to a great cause? As many of you know, Rotary Global Rewards is our member benefits program that helps Rotarians spend less while giving back to Rotary. It’s a great perk many Rotarians use on a daily basis for both personal and professional purchases.

Check out these reasons why you should take advantage of Rotary Global Rewards in the new year:

Save money. Discover discounts on the products and services you value most. Looking to book your next flight or longing for a new dining experience? Global Rewards offers a surplus of deals for all types of products and services, such as discounts on travel, hotels, and vehicle rentals, as well as shopping, gifts, movie and entertainment tickets — and more!
Effortlessly give back to Rotary. It doesn’t take much to give back to Rotary; literally. By using Rotary Global Rewards, you’re constantly saving money or giving back to Rotary. Already planning on making a purchase for something? Check for offers that give a percentage of your purchase to Rotary.
Support fellow Rotarian businesses. Support the success of fellow Rotarians and their businesses by using the offers they post. You can …read more

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