Why Rotaract will change your life

By Rotary International

Members of Nairuba’s club meet with the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative in Uganda.

By Joan Nairuba

The day I was inducted into Rotaract, 19 June 2015, is an unforgettable one for me. Euphoria and celebration rolled around inside me like a tidal wave. I knew I had made a decision that would affect the rest of my life; to dedicate the most energetic years of my youth to Rotary.

Knowing life is finite, I had a heightened resolve to be a part of everything Rotaract has to offer. My career as a lawyer is just getting started, and at first, all I had in mind was what I could offer my club as a lawyer. Little did I know that Rotaract would have an immense effect on my career.

To separate life in Rotaract from your personal life is an absolute impracticality because one feeds the other. The weekly interactions shape your perspective and expand your knowledge, and it’s from these meetings that you either grow or remain stagnant.

Members of Nairuba’s club conduct a needs assessment at a refugee settlement for the club’s next project on peace and conflict resolution.

Rotaract gives you an opportunity to practice and master qualities that make us better …read more

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