What keeps me in Rotary: capturing good through the lens of my camera

By Rotary International

Hannington Sebuliba works on an issue of his club's bulletin.

Hannington Sebuliba works on an issue of his club’s bulletin.

By Hannington Sebuliba, Rotary Club of Kajjansi, Uganda

I joined Rotary in 2010 after spending five years covering Rotary events for our local newspaper. I used to see the way Rotary members were serving the disadvantaged in our community, and it left a mark on my heart.

One day, Rotarian Charles Baganja asked me to give a talk at the Rotary Club of Kajjansi, Uganda, on newspaper production, and I accepted the invite. After the talk, members of the club asked me to join. Ever since, I have not looked back. I have served as bulletin editor, director of public relations, and now membership director. Rotary has shaped my way of life.

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When I first joined, Baganja told me that the club lacked someone of my profession. But I couldn’t figure out how a broke person like me could be useful to Rotary. I was no longer an active journalist by then, and I had always thought Rotary was a club for rich people who had money to spare for bus shelters and water tanks and things.

But I began attending the weekly fellowship and was warmly welcomed. One of the members asked me …read more

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