Want members? Then get social!

By Rotary International

By Evan Burrell

Did you know more than a billion people use social media every day?

Social media is readily accessible, instantaneous, cost effective and user friendly. It offers your Rotary club a fantastic opportunity to communicate more effectively with members and supporters and can energise the way you promote your club and find new members.

Here are just a few examples of ways your club can use social media:

Use Twitter to quickly advise members and the public of a last-minute change of venue for an event.
Let members and potential members know via Facebook when and where the next meeting will be and who the speaker is.
Use Facebook to start a discussion about a particular topic or issue at the club. Be prepared for positive and negative feedback and use it to improve your club.
Share details of your club’s new member recruitment session. When people “like” your post or retweet it, it shares the info with their entire social network.
Follow the Facebook pages of local businesses and organizations in your area. Comment on their posts; start a conversation.
Share stories and photos from your club service projects. When people see the great work your club is doing, they’re more likely to join.
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