Voices of polio survivors

By Rotary International

Ann Lee Hussey administers polio drops to a child in Chad in 2013.

Ann Lee Hussey administers polio drops to a child in Chad in 2014.

By Rotary Voices staff

Stories from polio survivors remind us why we have spent more than two decades committed to the pursuit of wiping this crippling disease from the face of the earth. This Friday, Rotary hosts a Livestream event in New York City that will provide a global update on our effort, including recent progress we have made and what we need to do to cross the finish line. Plan on watching the global update, and be inspired by these stories:

Ann Lee Hussey contracted polio when she was 17-months old. A member of the Rotary Club of Portland Sunrise, Maine, USA, she has taken part in countless National Immunization Day trips to immunize children with the drops of oral polio vaccine, and shared her experience in Chad with our blog in this post from February 2014.

Kerry Jacobson contracted bulb-polio at the age of 7, in 1952. He spent several weeks in a hospital ward with other children, some in iron lungs, before being released and undergoing rehab. He still suffers from Post Polio Syndrome.

Peter Kavanagh was infected at the height …read more

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