The Jam on Instagram: Why your club should use it

By Rotary International

By Evan Burrell

The most engaging posts on social media are the ones that include images. That isn’t a statement, it’s a fact!

Out of all of the social media networks, I have to say Instagram is my favorite. Why? Because photos equal fun!

Although Facebook is currently the most popular social network, other platforms have been gaining ground, especially visual platforms like Instagram, which allows users to share photos after applying edits and digital filters. After uploading your photo, you can share it on your club’s social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Instagram is awesome when it comes to showing your creativity and it has 300 million active users.

So why should your club be on Instagram? Because “a picture is worth a thousand words.” There are so many things you can do with photos to showcase your vibrant club and promote Rotary.

Before your jump in:

Make sure you own a smartphone with a camera: An Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy will suffice.
Download the Instagram app: You can’t get started unless you start using it. Download the app from Google Play for Android or Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad.
Use hashtags: They are how you reach new audiences and gain more followers. …read more

Source:: Rotary International Blog

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