Rotary scholarship worth the ‘calculated risk’

By Rotary International

Avenida del Libertador, Buenos Aires

Avenida del Libertador, Buenos Aires

By Christine Cloonan, former Rotary Scholar

I first heard about the Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship during a coffee meeting with a fellow member of a women’s business network now known as Ellevate Network. My life path prior to that had been clear, but not always direct.

My goal was to study to get the best education I could with the ultimate purpose of getting a “good job.” But to the bafflement of my older relatives, landing on that good job took a bit of exploring. My first job was with a law firm, which convinced me not to go to law school. Accepting a one year teaching fellowship, I began a five year teaching career and earned a Master of Spanish at Middlebury College. I then developed an “itch” to go abroad to perfect my language skills and explore new places.

Over coffee, my colleague, who like me was a native New Englander, spoke about the Ambassadorial Scholarship and all the various opportunities that it had led to in her life. She emphasized why it is important to take “calculated risks.” This conversation became a turning point both personally and professionally.

Argentina bound

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