Rotary scholar pursues his dream to visit every U.S. national park

By Rotary International

Meyer at the Grand Canyon

Mikah Meyer at the Grand Canyon. Rotary has helped Meyer reach for his dreams, including visiting all 400 plus U.S. National Park sites in a single tour.

By Mikah Meyer, former Rotary Scholar

Growing up as a pastor’s kid in Nebraska, I had a strong desire to get out and see the world. But I would never have had the opportunity to pursue my dreams if it had not been for Rotary.

I was awarded a Rotary scholarship during my junior year at the University of Memphis, while earning a degree in voice performance. I heard about the opportunity through a teacher who had been a Rotary Scholar herself, and a close friend who had been a Rotary Youth Exchange Student.

Meyer at Rotary International Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois, USA during a stop to talk about his scholarship year and latest venture.

My goal was to study under one of the few teaching countertenors in the world, but paying for college on my own, I would never have been able to manage it. I spent my scholarship year at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and stayed on a second year to complete my masters.

But even before my scholarship year began, Rotary made the …read more

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