Reflections from earthquake stricken Italy

By Rotary International

Earthquake damage central Italy

Geraniums hang from the railing in front of a house destroyed by the earthquake in central Italy.

By Luca Della Volta, Charter President of Rotary E-Club 2042 Italia and 2016-17 Service Projects Committee Chair. ( Read it in Italian )

I wanted to write about how much love and support Rotary is bringing to the areas of Italy devastated by the recent earthquake. But my words fail me, so I have to first write from the heart about what I have seen.

I feel as if death has entered me. My lungs inhale the dust of the earth. My feet walk amid debris. My hands touch stone that suddenly gave way, smashing hopes and dreams.

I trudge through streets where, a few days earlier, joyful children were walking with their grandparents, spending time during their summer vacation in the town where their parents grew up before moving on to start a family elsewhere.

Geraniums which once brought joy now are a sad reminder of a happy home that is no more. Outside, near the rubble-strewn lawn, is a crushed car, parked by the driver who returned home a few hours before the earthquake.

The faces of the people reflect pain and their skin bears the …read more

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