Pushed to the limit, for a good cause

By Rotary International

Jose Zambrano on a recent training ride.

Jose Zambrano on a recent training ride.

By Jose Zambrano, Rotary staff

It’s been almost two months since I started my training as part of the Miles to End Polio team. I can honestly say training for El Tour of Tucson has pushed me to my limits, but has also been an unbelievable experience.

Although I love outdoor activities, and am a very active person, my longest previous ride had been 40 miles. So trying to accomplish 104 miles is a huge challenge for me.

The workouts have not been easy. To be ready for the endurance that will be required to complete the ride, I have modified my workout routines for what will be the longest bike ride of my life. In testing my limits, I have experienced new levels of pain. But even though the process can be hard, I am trying to enjoy it as much as possible. I tackle every workout with a positive attitude and desire. I know that “I am what I chose to become.” And only if I stay committed and focused will I be able to complete the 104 miles.

The fact that we are close to eradicating polio and that I am able to help accomplish …read more

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