No debate when it comes to ending polio

By Rotary International

Scott Daniels on a training ride.

Scott Daniels on a training ride.

By Scott Daniels

What I remember most is the fear. I was too small to recall all the details, but when I was a child, polio struck the eastern Iowa community where I grew up.

When it hit, people took action. Parents kept their kids at home. The swimming pool shut down. You couldn’t play with the neighbor kids. One of our family friend’s kids contracted the disease. I can vividly remember parents and teachers being concerned about transmission of the virus.

There was no debate in my family over whether or not to vaccinate. You either did or you ran the risk of contracting the disease. We are blessed in the United States to be reaping the benefits of the hard effort Rotary and other organizations have undertaken to eradicate polio here. But no family, be it in Pakistan, Afghanistan, or any country in the world, should face the fear and devastation polio brings. That is what motivates me to support worldwide efforts to eradicate polio. We need to eradicate this disease, once and for all.

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