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By Rotary International

Students and teachers

Students and teachers from one of the participating schools.

By Quentin Wodon

Last month, I had the pleasure of serving as an essay judge for a great program that strengthened the writing, research, and presentation skills of hundreds of high school seniors in the Washington D.C. area. The College and Career Senior Challenge, organized by the nonprofit One World Education, is a great example of a nonprofit working collaboratively with a public school district to achieve wonderful results for students. My club is thinking of putting together a global grant to expand this project, and would love the support of additional clubs, so let me explain how our effort works.

The essay competition at the Martin Luther King Library was the culmination of an intensive two-month training program that involved all 2,300 high school seniors in the D.C. school system. The students were coached and led through exercises designed to improve their writing and research skills. Teachers selected two dozen finalists for the competition. These were not necessarily the best students in their schools, but those that had worked the hardest and shown the most improvement. You could feel the energy in the room as the students walked across the stage, …read more

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