Mobile blood bank saves lives in Saint Lucia

By Rotary International

Malcolm Charles

By Malcolm Charles, past president of the Rotary Club of St. Lucia, Saint Lucia

One day while visiting with my mom over lunch, I heard over her portable transistor radio a call for people with Type O positive blood to come to the local hospital to give blood in preparation for a patient surgery later that day.

I asked my mom if she knew my blood type, because I didn’t. But she didn’t know, either. So I drove to the nearest health clinic in her area to determine whether I might be of help and ask what happens if (emergency) blood donors do not come forward or what provisions are in place to collect and store blood in advance.

I learned that the hospitals did not have adequate blood storage facilities, and that they would lose patients if no one came forward with the right blood type. I also learned that there were no budgetary provisions for a blood collection and storage system.

It entered my mind, as president-elect of my Rotary club, to explore some sort of blood collection system. I conferred with the medical establishment in my area, of which the then chief medical officer was a member of my club. …read more

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