If Paul Harris started Rotary today

By Rotary International

Evan Burrell and Room 711

Evan Burrell, left, with other members of the Joint Committee on Alumni Relations during a visit to Room 711, a recreation of the room where Rotary began.

By Evan Burrell

I wonder, as we approach yet another Rotary anniversary, what Paul Harris would think of the Rotary of today? Would he smile, or grimace? He probably didn’t imagine how far his little idea would go when he sat down for that first meeting on 23 February a full 111 years ago.

As a fun exercise, I tried to imagine what it might be like if Paul Harris started Rotary today. To do this, I first imagined what a Gen Y Paul might be like.

I decided he’d be a social entrepreneur and blogger. His personal style is a touch metro, add some emo, and just a squeeze of hipster. He lives a healthy lifestyle, eats organic and gluten free. He is warm and welcoming, with a hearty laugh, and certainly doesn’t need a copy of “How to Win Friends & Influence People.” He has 500 plus connections on LinkedIn.

What does his Rotary club look like?

The club is very inclusive with its membership. They work hard to attract individuals of all genders, races, …read more

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