How to handle a social media crisis

By Rotary International

By Evan Burrell

There seems to be a social media crisis or PR nightmare almost every other week nowadays, and even your Rotary club isn’t immune to a potential crisis that can blow out of all proportion.

Crisis planning is essential and an effective crisis plan is based first and foremost on truth, transparency, and sincerity. Every Rotary club should have a strategy for how it will deal with a public relations disaster, either online or offline. If your club does not have a plan in place, I recommend your club devise one as a matter of urgency.

As part of your crisis plan, make sure you or the club leadership can confidently answer these following questions:

Who will handle your social media accounts in case of a crisis?
What will that person be authorized to write on social media about the crises?
Will they need approval for every post?
What will the messaging be across all the different platforms i.e. social media, traditional media, other Rotary clubs etc.?
Will you have more than one person responding to online posts or offline discussion?
What social media posts will you proactively put out there to manage it?

Managing the Crisis
There is no one answer to managing a crisis, you need to …read more

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