How I learned to stop worrying and love social media

By Rotary International

By Evan Burrell

Did you know Baby Boomers are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook?

This doesn’t surprise me at all! I think there’s this myth that anyone over 50 is technically inept, but I’m not buying it. Perhaps some “seniors” might not be as technically savvy as the younger generation. But I don’t think all of them are clueless when it comes to new technology or social media.

Facebook and other social networks have enabled Boomers to get in touch with long-lost friends and relatives, as well as see pictures of their grandchildren. If they can use social media for a few family happy snaps, it’s not that far a stretch to get your older members over their initial fear or discomfort with social media, and to start thinking about using the tools in an even more beneficial way for your club.

Quick and painless
Social media provides a powerful and accessible tool for highlighting causes and acting on issues, and for this reason it’s perfect for reaching potential members.

You can use social media to organize events, communicate with the public, and showcase your achievements as a club. You can quickly and painlessly make a wider audience aware of the good work your club …read more

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