Experiencing more flavors of Rotary

By Rotary International

By Mark Huddleston, a member of the Rotary club of Edwardstown, South Australia, Australia, and District 9520 Membership Chair

My son can be a particularly picky eater. One of his favorite meals is ham and pineapple pizza. We occasionally make pizza at home, and I wouldn’t ever bother putting anything on his pizza but ham and pineapple, because he would just pick it off. If we order a pizza when we’re out, that’s exactly what he does.

So, what’s this got to do with Rotary? Many members approach Rotary like my son approaches his pizza.

I sort of think ham and pineapple pizzas are a bit on the boring side. If my Rotary experience was a pizza, it would be a super supreme. There’s a bit of everything. I’ve attended three conventions, including last year’s in my back yard in Sydney, and they are among my favorite things to do as a Rotary member. My second favorite is attending district conference. A few weeks ago I drove my wife and kids seven hours to Ballarat for an amazing experience. I enjoyed a remarkable conference, and my family enjoyed Ballarat.

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